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When it comes to your oral health, it’s not all about how straight or how bright your smile is. Your gums play a vital role in holding your teeth in place. Did you know the number one cause of tooth loss in adults is gum disease? That’s why it’s important to schedule regular exams at ProDental-Baytown.  Our practice is home to caring, experienced, highly skilled dentists in Baytown who can thoroughly evaluate the condition of your gums to ensure they are healthy enough to support your vibrant smile.

Plaque is a thin film of bacteria that constantly forms on the surface of your teeth. Not only does it lead to cavities, but if it progresses below the gum line it can lead to an infection. The earliest stage of periodontal disease is known as gingivitis and with professional dental care and regular cleanings is preventable and, with prompt, consistent treatment, is often reversible. If you’re experiencing symptoms such as red, tender gums, or gums that bleed when you brush or floss, you may be suffering from gingivitis.  If left untreated, it can lead to a more serious infection known as periodontitis where resulting consequences are erosion of the jawbone and tooth loss. We want to save our patients time, money, and discomfort – that’s why at ProDental, your dentist in Baytown, we emphasize the importance of early detection and treatment of any dental problem. Our attentive staff conducts a comprehensive assessment and a thorough

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Dentist in Baytown

cleaning to make sure our patients’ gums are “in the pink” and healthy. Combating gum disease isn’t something to be taken lightly. As your general, family, cosmetic and restorative dentist in Baytown we also offer a full-range of periodontal therapies to avert or arrest gum disease in its tracks.

Healthy gums are vital to your oral health. Unlike other dental concerns that are often accompanied by a toothache or some other discomfort, gum disease may develop painlessly at the start and therefore go unnoticed. However, gum disease can have serious consequences for your overall well-being. Don’t wait any longer to schedule an appointment at ProDental, your dentist in Baytown – give us a call today!


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