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Dentist in Baytown

In the past, people who suffered from dental phobia either endured extreme anxiety when receiving dental care or avoided visiting the dentist and suffered the consequences of poor oral health. Fortunately, with advances in sedation techniques today, ProDental, your  Baytown Dentist, is able to offer IV sedation to manage pain and anxiety during dental visits. There are many benefits to both the patient and the dentist when using IV sedation. When the patient is less anxious, it makes our work as dentists easier knowing that they are as comfortable and stress-free as possible throughout their procedure. IV sedation is a type of conscious sedation, which allows the patient to be able to respond to verbal cues from the dentist, while remaining completely relaxed.

As your Baytown Dentist we strive to make your dental visits calm and free from any unnecessary anxiety. At ProDental our office’s soothing office environment and friendly staff will put you immediately at ease. Once the IV sedation commences, you will begin to feel yourself drift into a twilight sedation. It is almost like you are asleep, and in this more relaxed state you will not experience any disquieting dental anxieties or fears. Throughout the procedure, your IV sedation will be closely monitored to ensure your health and comfort. Sedation acts rapidly when administered through IV and the level of relaxation is deeper than nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedation (take a medication by mouth). For anxious patients undergoing procedures such as extractions and root canals, sedation can be a highly effective choice for minimizing stress and discomfort.

If you experience fear and anxiety over dental procedures, consider IV sedation with your  Baytown dentist at ProDental. You deserve to feel relaxed when you visit your dentist. Dental care is an important factor in your overall health and well-being, and should not be avoided out of fear. Contact us today to learn more about IV sedation and stop letting anxiety prevent you from receiving quality dental care.


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