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Baytown Mini Implants

Where can I get Baytown mini implants?

Have you considered a dental implant procedure to restore that missing tooth in your smile? For patients near the Baytown, TX community, ProDental, offering state-of-the-art mini implants, may be the dental office for you. Considered one of the most innovative practices in the area by many of our patients, ProDental is at the forefront of modern implant dentistry. You can rest assured that at ProDental, your mini implant restoration will beautifully enhance your smile and confidence.

Baytown Mini Implants

Baytown mini implants share the same physical structure as standard dental implants, yet are approximately two millimeters smaller, making them a more conventional approach to implant restoration and an excellent option for patients lacking sufficiently supportive bone mass. These smaller implants come as two parts: a dental-grade titanium post with a ball on the end, and a socket with a rubber-like O-ring that connects the post to the restorative tooth. According to the Mini Dental Implant Centers of America (MDICA), mini implants can fully support dentures, bridges, and fixed crowns.

Typically, your dentist at ProDental can insert your state-of-the-art Baytown mini implants, with only a local anesthetic, and without the need for sutures, in just one visit. That means your new restored tooth can generally be functional the same day as your implant appointment, a benefit that standard implants may not offer in most cases. Maintenance for your new mini implants require the same attentive care as your natural teeth, including flossing and brushing with a recommended fluoride-powered toothpaste. Because your gums may still be sensitive after the implant procedure, it is recommended to use an extra soft toothbrush.

Losing your natural teeth can be embarrassingly daunting, affecting your confidence and the health and appearance of your smile. Let your dentist at ProDental in Baytown determine whether you are a candidate for Baytown mini implants. For more information or to schedule a consultation with our expert staff, call ProDental today.


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