Where Can I Find A Baytown Emergency Dentist?

Have you just lost a tooth due to traumatic injury in Baytown? Although it may be a daunting shock at first, you’ll be in good hands at ProDental, where our highly-skilled, compassionate doctors will utilize their years of experience in treating injured teeth to relieve, repair and restore your smile. By maintaining our position at the forefront of modern dentistry, we employ the latest in techniques and technologies to treat your injury with precise and expedient care, so consider calling your Baytown emergency dentist to help when you need it most.

Baytown Emergency Dentist

When ProDental begins treatment for a traumatic dental injury, we first look at the severity of the injury itself, meaning, is the tooth dislodged but still intact, or has the tooth been completely knocked out of the mouth? No matter the state of your injured tooth, immediate treatment is recommended to receive a favorable prognosis, though the way the injury is handled by the patient and treated by your Baytown emergency dentist differ. In many cases a tooth that has had  traumatic impact, will require root canal therapy due to damage or infection of the tooth’s inner nerve and pulp; a comprehensive examination will help your dentist determine if such a therapy is needed for your individual case. In instances where the tooth has been completely removed from the mouth, otherwise known as “avulsed,” it is strongly recommended that the patient keep the tooth in a glass of milk or water (with a touch of salt) to keep the tooth moist and prepared for possible re-insertion. Of course, saving the tooth may depend on how quickly treatment is sought from your Baytown emergency dentist, which is just another reason we always encourage our patients to contact us immediately!

When it comes to treating injured teeth, ProDental in Baytown has you covered. ProDental, your Baytown emergency dentist, has the experience and technology needed to help restore your beautiful smile. Call our office today for more information about the complete range of general, preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental  treatments and procedures. And, be sure to have our number on hand – in case of an emergency.


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